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Great Lengths Hair Extensions


The Bond

In 1992, Great Lengths International developed and patented the first pre-tipped, synthesized keratin bond polymer.  Unfortunately “keratin bond” has become more a marketing term than a functional benefit. The GL Synthesized Keratin Bond molecular structure is specifically designed to mimic the molecular structure of human hair.

The result gives the GL bond functionality that is not available in any other hair bonding compound in the marketplace. The GL bond has the ability to expand and contract mimicking the human hair it’s bonded to.  This is a Great Lengths exclusive feature.


The Hair

Great Lengths sources the very best human hair from Indian Hindu Temples. The hair has been donated willingly by villagers to the temple as an act of devotion to their faith. The revenue generated by Temple Hair is used for the funding of schools, health clinics and other community services.


The Color

The only process performed on Great Lengths hair is our colorization process. Great Lengths does not use any toxic chemicals (i.e. ammonia and/or bleach derivatives) in the de-pigmentation and pigmentation process of our hair. The result is colorfast hair that has not been subjected to damaging ammonia and/or bleach chemicals to remove the hair's original color.

The Consultation


Great Lengths applications are custom to each client. A consultation is essential in order to give you accurate pricing information. It’s during the consultation you and the stylist will agree upon the desired result. This time together also allows the stylist to determine what lengths and colors are needed to achieve the result so that they have the correct lengths and colors ready for you on your application day.

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