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Color the world beautiful.​​​​

Custom applications, masterfully applied, and perfectly blended exclusively by Great Lengths Certified Stylists.

These hand-painted highlights are strategically placed to look like your hair has been kissed by the sun. 

Whether you’re seeing your first grey hairs or well-versed in the world of color, we have a solution for you




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After deciding to get hair extensions last minute for an event, I found Northern Lights and Ashley through the Great Lengths "stylist finder" page. Out of all the salons and stylists I emailed, Ashley was one of the quickest to respond and one of the only ones willing to fit me in ASAP. From this, I assumed my experience would be great, but it definitely exceeded my expectations.

Going in for my consultation, the salon is GORGEOUS and every stylist is extremely friendly and professional. Ashley met with me and explained everything, and in two days I was back for the application process. This took around 4 1/2 hours, and the entire process was a breeze. My hair was just under chin length, so the addition of 16 inch extensions was a little daunting. Ashley applied the bonds flawlessly. I've always been a little self conscious about my hair. By the end of the application and blending, I felt more beautiful than ever.


I think the best part about the salon, though, is that everyone seems to really enjoy each other. Being as I found the salon through a third party site, I didn't know Ashley was one of the owners until I asked. She treats her employees as true colleagues and there is a mutual respect that really shows. I've gone to a lot of salons where the owners can be a bit pretentious and unwilling to work with new clients. Clearly, this salon is in the business for much more than just "the business": they genuinely enjoy and love what they do!

-Alyssa Ruhlen

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